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Edibles Are Coming. What You Need to Know

The news is true, edibles are finally here in Florida! Medical marijuana has been legal for four years, but edibles have been really just a giant question mark. On August 27th, things became a lot clearer.

what we know About Edibles:

From the State

In March of 2020, Florida released guidelines for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs) in regard to edible products. These guidelines are the standard that all MMTCs will be held to in regards to manufacturing edibles and was a huge step forward for product development.

On August 27th, the State of Florida sent an email informing all registered physicians they could begin entering orders for edibles into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

Medical Marijuana Use Registry Attention to Patients and Physicians that edibles are available in registry
From the Physician

As mentioned in a previous post, the orders physicians write are a bit complex. In its simplest form, when a physician writes a 210-day script for all products, it’s actually 12 different orders that go (six for flower, three for high THC products, 3 for low THC: high CBD products)

Edibles will now be entered as its own individual order and will also be written in three 70-day scripts. This is important to know because not all physicians may include edibles in your orders and some may charge an extra fee to do so.

The State has not officially released dosage information. Through the grapevine, word has been 50mg a day or 3500mg for every 70-day script.

Word from the treatment centers

In a newsletter sent out by Trulieve, there was an article that briefly discussed their plan for the edibles, which included building a 10,000 sq. ft commercial kitchen in Quincy, Florida.

As of today August 28th,  none of the dispensaries have anything for sale yet. An inside source however, has told me that products could be on shelves as soon as next week. This is pending on approval from the Florida Department of Health.

a huge step forward

For many older patients or for those that do not prefer inhalation as a route of usage, this is a huge step forward. Nothing is worse than giving an empty answer to patients. The lack of availability to one of the most popular and comfortable ways to use medical cannabis has been detrimental to patients and frustrating for providers. Needless to say disappointing for everyone.

Huge may be an understatement.

As always, please consult with a physician before using any medical cannabis products and enjoy your weekend!

**Featured photo by Michelle Tsang on Unsplash**